Is there a way for a basic user to add Greek fonts?

I’m not a computer programmer and not very skilled with these sort of things. I need to find a way to add Greek fonts to use in an upcoming college course.

Is there a simple, step by step way that even a guy like me can add them?

Your question has nothing to do with LibreOffice. Refer to your operating system manual. In most modern operating systems, fonts containing basic Greek letters are present, just choose what you need.

Hi. I think your question is “How do I include Greek letters in the text when I use Writer?”

There are a few ways:

  1. Add them from the Special Character dialog: in the menu click Insert > Special Character..., in the dialog that opens just type in the Search box the name of Greek character you want, e.g. delta, and you will get a selection of characters both upper or lower case. Click on the character and then click the button labelled Insert
  2. They might be in the autocorrect menu, they already are for EN-GB. Just type :Delta: for Δ, or :delta: for δ, Writer will convert your entry to appropriate autocorrect entry. If they are not there then it could be worth a small amount of effort to add them.
  3. Save a list of the Greek letters in a separate Writer document and just copy the letter you need. In your assignment click where you want the letter and Paste as unformatted text Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V (if the style is the same then Ctrl+V should be fine)
  4. You can memorise the codes for the characters that you use, e.g. for Δ the code is U+0394 . You can enter Δ by typing the code U+0394 then with the cursor at the end of the code press Alt+x on the keyboard
  5. If you are using Math in Writer to create an equation then clicking the Special Character icon (represented by an Ω) will bring up a dialog in which you can choose from a list of Greek characters, italicised Greek characters, or special characters

I hope you course goes well. Cheers, Al

  1. Install OOoFBTools and use the Greek virtual keyboard.