Is there a way how to hide all mail attachments on the Recent Files page?


I’m assisting a friend of mine with LibreOffice 6.2.8.x on a Mac (Catalina). When launching LibreOffice, the Recent Files page shows also Mail attachments that he opened before and that are not available any more. I think it even happened that he started editing one of these temporary files (which are initially write-protected) and later lost them when they were automatically purged.

Is there a way how to keep these temporary files out of the list/page of Recent Files? For example, hide all the files in /Users/Name/Library/ …?



no there is no way to do such blacklisting - you need to remove manually by clicking the x in the upper right corner of the thumbnail while hoovering over the thumbnail.

Just an incidental remark: Your friend should reconsider the habit to open mail attachments directly. This is one of the paths viruses, trojans and malware get their way on systems and into networks.

OK, thank you! I will hand it on.