Is there a way I can copy the source code associated with a created image map?

For me to use an image map within legacy SharePoint, I need the source code associated with that map.

In other image-map generators I have used, I create the image map and then they have an option to copy the code - which I do and then I place that code into my SharePoint site (using the tag), and along with the inserted image. The source code in the SharePoint page allows for the image showing to be used as an image map.

I am able to create the image map with Libre Office - but am unable to find the source code that I need to paste in SharePoint site.

Image maps are related to web servers. Are you sure you want to implement them in Writer? Not in WriterWeb?

There are two kind of image maps: server-side and client-side. Client-side image maps can be created by Writer, editing an image.

If you want to reuse an existing <map> HTML element, you do it by pasting this element in some HTML file.

So, edit your question to better describe what you want.

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