Is there a way I can see the font change as I press the down key?

I searched here (although I’m not sure even in what keywords I would find it) and looked at the ‘font’ and ‘fonts’ tag, but I didn’t find a answer, so here’s my question:

In LibreOffice Writer, is there a way I can see the font of a selected text change as I press the down key in the font box?

I want to test each font to see what is the one I prefer, so I would like to select the text, click in the font box and go pressing the down key to see how each font fits the word I have selected. But when I press down in the font box, the name of the font changes but in the document nothing changes. I know there is a preview of each font in the box, but the preview is in the font’s name, and is too small for my eyes to I decide based on that. Is there a setting, a plugin, or something I can do to help that?

Thank you, guys.

Writer,, English,
Linux Mint 17.1, English

Select the text, right-click, select character, in font tab as selecting a font shows the result for the selected text.