Is there a way to add page numbers outside the book page margins?

I have completed a book. It is ready for print. However, I have not added page numbers. As it is right now, there is no room for page numbers anywhere. Is there any way to add page numbers outside the current margins set for the text content of the book pages?

… page numbers outside the current margins set for the text content of the book pages?

And where would that be, then?

I would want to place the page numbers in the bottom right corner of every page, outside the margin.

Or I guess I should say outside bottom corner, opposite gutter.
I may have found a solution. If I click insert and add a text box, it seems to allow me to add a number outside the margins. Not sure how that will translate to the pdf or printed copy however, but if you could confirm that it will work, then I’ll do it. It extremely time consuming and tedious, since I have 285 pages, but if I can be assured this will work then I will do it.

NO. There are many ways (some more accurate than others).

  • Add Footer: Choose menu Format -Page… - Footer tab, check Footer on, and sum up the values of Spacing and Height (usually 5 mm and 5 mm; so: 10 mm).
  • Adjust Bottom Margin: In Page tab, subtract from the margin value for Bottom: (say 25 mm) the values of Spacing and Height (10 mm, in the example; then bottom margin will be 15 mm). Press OK.
  • Add page numbers: Go to the bottom of a page, and click in the bottom margin. Choose menu Insert - Page number, then adjust as desired.

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Way TOO complicated, with TOO many steps to go through.

Simple answer: Click on the bottom margin of your page (will apppear a tab with “Footer (Default Style) +”. Press that tab. Choose menu Insert - Page number. Press Ctrl+R. Adjust bottom margin (as in the previous answer) so that your document keeps the text in the same position.

I did not see this simplified answer from you before just now. I’ve already added all the numbers outside the margins. But if I need to change them again, then it is helpful to know there is a better way. I have not tried the steps you’ve listed yet, but I will if I need to make more changes. Thank you.

add text box and place number in there, haven’t tried it with libre office but used it with ms office

Can`t insert page number in text box (LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1).

That is what I did to add page numbers. I inserted a text box in every bottom corner, outside the margins. I had to do that 284 times, so it was very time consuming, but it got the job done.

I’m sure there is a better way… but what I did to add page numbers after the fact is I inserted a text box in every bottom corner, outside the margins. I had to do that 284 times, so it was very time consuming and tedious, but it got the job done.

You found @LeroyG’s solution too complicated in 3 steps and you opted for an ugly workaround with 3 × 284 steps! Is it really simpler? (3 = insert a text box, insert page number field, make sure all boxes are in the same position). And what will you do if an edit adds more pages? Do the additional job again?

Whatever you do, you always have margins. I never saw a decent document with 0cm margins. Therefore, you can always create a footer in this margin. The adjustment is only needed because Writer considers margins as no-print land contrary to Word.

Your “solution” deserves a downvote because it shouldn’t be used. But I’m a charitable man; you have the right to learn through pain.

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You’re right, of course. But I really could not understand how to do what Leroy tried to explain. My brain could not figure it out. I still have no idea how to set up a document to automatically create page numbers. This was my first time creating a book, and using LibreOffice, and I don’t use MS Word, so I was really just learning as I go…stumbling around in the dark. Manually adding page numbers was a pain, but I felt that it was my only option since I could not figure out all the instructions Leroy gave for ‘formatting’ it. And, you’re right, if I end up having to change much when I get the proof copy, it will be a nightmare if I have to change any of the page numbers at that time.

I just now noticed that Leroy had left a more simple answer with only 3 steps to take. I did not see this till just now. His first answer was much too complex for me to comprehend. But now that he has offered only 3 steps to take, perhaps I will better be able to figure out how to do it next time I need to change or add page numbers. / I also now notice that you referred to his simpler response as well, but of course, it is already after the fact now, so too late to help me with the problem I found my own ‘work around’ for… But THANK YOU for your efforts. It will help for next time.

You didn’t fully describe your workaround. If you anchored your textbox To Page, be prepared for weird things to happen. If your edits shorten your document, you won’t be able to delete the blank pages at end unless you remove the textboxes. This anchor mode is reserved for people who fully understand its properties.

I recommend you download and read the Writer Guide.