Is There A Way To Align Text Boxes (many) Vertically?

I’ve already tried the center vertically choice in the Impress Presentation module. This is a document that has 15-20 text boxes top to bottom of a page. When I add a new box, or delete … I used to be able to align them equal distance between them (powerpoint & freeoffice), so far I haven’t found a way to do this in this version of LO ( 64bit).

Just downloaded LO in the last couple days, so I am new to it.

Hoping I just missed it?

Thanks in advance!

Judging from your comment to @Lupp’s answer, the specific task is to set equal spacing between the boxes?

Yes. I have 20 boxes w/information, all vertically. When I add the 21st box, I want to realign everything equal distance between the top box and bottom box. The top & bottom boxes stay stationary.

PowerPoint does this, as does Softmakers’ Freeoffice, but so far LibreOffice does not. LUPP’s replies R incorrect. Perhaps they misunderstood question. Blocking/right clicking & choosing align doesn’t have the option I requested help with.

FYI . . . I moved from FreeOffice to LibreOffice because of this single document. I use it daily, and change it often/daily. Although FreeOffice did what I needed visa-a-vie “centering”, their glitch is that the document won’t save in a zoomed mode. So, if I access it 20 times … I had to re-zoom 20 times. So far, LibreOffice lets me save any document at any zoom level. BuT, doesn’t do what I need it to do vis-a-vie “centering”. Hoping I’m missing something!

Do you understand what I’m trying to do, and do you have a fix?
Thx In Advance!

If new, the best it’s begin with a quick review of the Documentation and Help

Select the boxes to align, then the contextual menu with righ-click, then select align.

You can select all the textboxes (or any shapes) you want to align without grouping them, and then use the context menu of the selection to set an alignmnet relative to the object which is extreme with respect to the chosen direction.

From my expreience (with V6.3.3.2): In case of applying a horizontal alignment this may also afflict the alignment of text paragraphs contained in the shapes. I personally would tend to see a bug in this behaviour.
Couldn’t reproduce the mentioned behaviour when I tried again.

Hi again Lupp,

I’m pretty sure that’s what I did, but maybe I’m missing something. There just doesn’t seem to be an align option here to do an equal distance between boxes, option . . . with the top and bottom boxes being the outside parameters.

If it is a bit of a glitch, is there a forum or platform to request these type of upgrades?

Tks Again!

Select all the text boxes to be distributed, choose menu Format - Distribution, under Vertical check Spacing, OK.

More LibreOffice Help on Distribution.