Is there a way to assign file types to modules?

I have been wondering for some time if, for example, when I open the Calc module and look at “Open/Previous” I can restrict the list that appears to JUST spreadsheets (*.ods) instead of ALL previous LibreOffice documents?

I took the opportunity to start a related attempt concerning probable ways of filtering the recent files list by user code. I was helped here.
Preliminary result: pretty complicated; may not be worth the effort.

You mean the view in LibreOffice when you start “Recent documents”.

Sorry, no, I know of no way to limit this to one module.

However, you can remove individual documents there by moving your mouse over them and clicking the small circle at the top of the document icon.

You don’t have to worry, the document itself will be preserved.

The display of the document in “Recently opened documents” is only a link to the document. So if you use your file manager to move a file to another directory, for example, the LibreOffice won’t notice.

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