Is there a way to change and keep a formatting style in calc.?

Everytime I refresh my data the formatting defaults to percents that make no sense. If I click the % twice it goes back to a plain number. I have tried a custom format but the problem persists. Do I have to rebuild the pivor chart? I read about making it a template, but haven’t figured that out yet. I need help. Thanks in advance.

LibreOffice calc
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Please explain in details you do when “refresh my data”. Where do you click % twice? How did you create and apply a customer format?

I add data, then refresh the pivot table. The pivot table changes from general numbers, centered, and no borders to %, right aligned and heavy black borders. The toolbar % key changes it to two decmal places, then general numbers. If I highlight then select Format, Styles and Formatting, and choose a custom format I can get what I want, but I have to do this everytime I refresh. Thanks for your help.

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