Is there a way to change the query a report uses in Libreoffice Base or better yet to select the query at the time a report is run?

I have a standard set of data that I always want out of a report, however it could be based on a query of any of the values. Is it possible to set it up so I double click on a report and it would let me select the query I want to use. Or if not I could set up a template report, copy it and rename it for the most popular queries then change the query attached to that report. I’m open to any suggestions, books, tutorials, or better practices.

Maybe could be helpful for you the use of parameters in a query.

+1 for really good information. Some I knew but it is great to see it expanded and explained. Some I’m not sure I understand until I play around a little. It seems a little different that what I was asking, in other words I have 2 querries that run fine. I have a report that displays what I want however when I run the report it was set up to use querry A and I prefer that it use query B, Is there a way to force the report to use query B? Or is this a totally invalid question?