Is there a way to change the values in the Secondary x-Axis of a Column and Line Chart?

I’m trying to put the normal curve to my histogram following this tutorial:
I already set the Data Range of my normal curve to the Secondary y-Axis but it appears that it went beyond to the range of my histogram (which is the column). The Categories in the Data Range is already set to the data in “Groups” but I can’t find the option in changing the values in the secondary x-axis similar to the YouTube Tutorial link that I provide…

Hi kyukyu,

it is not possible to arrange a second x-axis in Calc. There is only one trick you can use. You can create a second chart with the same dimensions, hide the axes and the frame and then place the new chart on top of the first chart. Then you have to set the chart wall to 100% transparent. Now the line chart is above the bar chart. Now you can group the two diagrams together. Then you can also move or resize the chart again.
I have copied the example from the YouTube tutorial. Here is the example document: Secondary xAxis.ods

What I noticed in the tutorial is that there’s no data between 8-9 and 9-10. These groups were simply left out in the YouTube tutorial. I am of the opinion that this is not correct. Therefore my normal distribution looks different. If I am not right here, I am sorry, but I am not a math genius.

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