Is there a way to copy/paste a full page background image

ok, I figured out how to get an image as a full page background (How to add full page background image?), but I have several instances of this image throughout the book. Is there a way to reproduce this multiple times without following the above steps every time? (I have like 20 or so of these things)

Pages with the same picture, or images that each need their own page style?

The background image is part of the page style. You can insert a different page style by clicking Insert > More breaks > Manual break and selecting a different page style.

If you have 20 or so images that you want full page background then you will need 20 or so page styles, one for each image. It is relatively quick to create a new page style with the image, the slow part would be preparing the images for use as background.

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Thank you. I figured this out a little while ago. Really frustrating though, as I went through ALL of that, only for it to not matter, as Word (which is the medium I have to use for a publisher upload) just doesn’t read them at all, and I had to go back and manually insert shapes into the Word doc.

Word doesn’t support all the functionality of Writer so background Area won’t get exported to .docx.
Word anchors watermarks (that’s what a page background is to Word) to the header and locks it into place. To do the same workaround in Writer:

  1. Click Format > Page Style > Header and tick the box Header on. OK
  2. Click in the header and click Insert > Image, select image and click Open
  3. Right click image and select Properties.
    • In the Position and Size tab
      • Anchor To paragraph
      • Size: Width 21 cm, Height 29.7 cm (for A4)
    • In the Wrap tab
      • Through
      • In background
    • In Options tab, Protect, tick
      • Contents
      • Position
      • Size
    • OK
  4. Once again, you will have to do a new page style for each different background image.

PageBackground2.docx (480.9 KB)
Note that Word washes out the image a bit when it is background.

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