Is there a way to create buttons that trigger toolbars to appear?

I often download LO or OO for other people, who are familiar with MS Office, like the Ribbon UI and are comfortable with it, however, they usually can’t afford it an I can’t be bothered to attempt to “acquire” it and get it active. After looking for themes, extensions, and so forth to make Libre’s appearance more up to date, and finding nothing. I started thinking about options that were already available in Libre, customizable toolbars. I’ve played with the toolbars abit, and here is what I’ve come up with so far.

image description

Some of the items on the bars doesn’t work(borders and Fontwork), but it’s close to what’s on the Home tab of what the ribbon is. What I’m asking though is a way to create a button, that shows and hides those toolbars when clicked. I got the idea from a Opera script, I used awhile back that when the button is clicked, the menu was either shown or hidden. I would like something like that, that would open the toolbars in groups.

Macros are still a feature that is not quite complete in it’s implementation in LibreOffice. In my testing, the action of turning toolbars on/off would not record (it didn’t show up in the macro when editing it). Can I suggest that you check out the new sidebar? It’s still an experimental feature, but may provide some of what you’re looking for. Go to Tools > Options > Advanced and check the box next to Enable experimental sidebar, then restart LibreOffice.

You can also add a theme to the toolbar background by going to Tools > Options > Personalization.