Is there a way to disable save/save as in libreoffice calc

I want to be able to save the file only if a certain button is clicked and to disable the save and save as in the menu items ,is there a way? thanx in advance

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It is about libreOffice I just kept typing openOffice somehow ,sorry for the mistake somehow I think libreoffice and type openoffice …


First: You cannot do this on a per file basis. Availability of certain menu entries is a property of the application and not of a specific file. So if you remove Save or Save As menu entries via Options -> Tools -> Customize -> Tab: Menus for the module in scope (see dropdown Scope: LibreOffice Calc ) the functionality is removed from the menus for all documents of the respective module. Even new documents created could no be saved via menu. The setting is global with respect to the module (Calc).

Second: Every user could easily reintegrate the menu functionality by reverting the changes in Options -> Tools -> Customize -> Tab: Menus

Incidental remark: This answer is related to LibreOffice