Is there a way to get the function signatures for various objects?

So I am trying to get the hang of all the various methods associated with objects: Sheet, Doc etc. Is there a way for me to quickly get just the function signature and maybe a brief descrption on what they all do?

I can easily generate the list of associated method/attribute names for an object using Python/pdb.set_trace() and then dir(whatever) but it’s not useful except to grep and locate all Row functions… but I still need a way to know what they do… Browsing the website is too slow vs something like pydoc -w which will dump the docs to html and then you can quickly read that whenever…

CellFormatRanges                     getCellFormatRanges
NamedRanges                          getCellRangeByName
RangeAddress                         getCellRangeByPosition
Ranges                               getRangeAddress
UniqueCellFormatRanges               getRanges
addRanges                            getUniqueCellFormatRanges
copyRange                            moveRange
createCursorByRange                  removeRange

it only lacks the function signature


you know, Mri still exsist

oh guhh sorry - took a break and forgot about that!

…moreover, after researching the methods and properties of the object with MRI, you will receive working code in one of five programming languages of your choice.