Is there a way to have different print scaling for different sheets in a single workbook?

I often have situations where I want to use different print scaling for some sheets in a workbook than for other sheets in the same workbook. Is there any way to do this in LibreCalc?

For example… In a workbook, I have worksheet A that has rows added as more data becomes available and I want that sheet to always scale to print using the “Fit print range(s) to width/height” with “Width in pages” set to 1 and “Height in pages” unchecked (i.e., unlimited). In the same workbook I also have small worksheet B that tends to change structure occasionally but it’s important that it fit on one page when printed so I want it to always scale to print using the Fit print range(s) on number of pages set to 1.

In real world cases I sometimes have many worksheets with many differing print scaling requirements.

You can apply different (custom) Page Styles fot each sheets. And you can use different Scaling Mode and/or different Scaling Factor in the different Page Styles.