Is there a way to keep clipboard open in side panel while working on a Writer document?

MS Window + V clipboard panel minimises after each use. Need clipboard to stay open for editing text. Switched to LibreOffice from MS Word 2003 and would ideally like a clipboard that works like the MS Word 2003 version, i.e, stays open in right side panel. Thank you!

As far as I know, LibreOffice does not maintain its own clipboard alongside the system clipboard, but relies entirely on the one provided by the operating system. Hence, the provision of a “suite-internal” clipboard history is not a straightforward task, like what you find is in MS Office.

There are several clipboard manager apps out there, mostly cheap or free. Some come with more garbage than others. One which I have used some years ago is Ditto, which is open-source (GPLv3), actively developed and has a few very useful features. Not using it myself currently (or lately) but if I were to need a clipboard upgrade, that would be my first place to look. Not sure whether it has an option to stay open/on top, though.

While not as smooth as the integrated feature of MS Office, it should be a viable workaround. If Ditto is not for you, do a search for “clipboard manager” using your favorite search engine. I am sure you will find some app to suit your needs.

Thank you very much for this! I considered Ditto, but read in a review that it minimises as soon as you switch from clipboard to document. I need the clipboard foremost for editing documents- most of the Clipboard Manager apps seem to mainly work like scrapbooks.If an editing-friendly clipboard springs to mind please let me know. Thanks again!

ClipClip seems to be the most promising on this list, at least with some edit functionality. Again, they are not clear on whether it can be configured to stay on screen. I haven’t tried it. Good luck!