Is there a way to keep date in prefered format inside the cell (when double clicking)

I user-formatted date to show as YYYY.MM.DD, I’ve also added Y.M.D in options as acceptable date input, so when I enter 2023.12.21 it shows it properly, but when I’m double clicking the cell (and in the formula input view at the top), it shows it as 21.12.2023, it’s an annoying flip back and forth.

:smiley: Another funny date format invented to complicate things. (Not that it resolves your issue, just a thought …)

ISO 8601 was published on 06/05/88 and most recently amended on 12/01/04

hm :thinking:

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/me wonders why aparticular detail in a phrase under an xkcd comic is something to discuss here, when the overall message is clear… especially given that xkcd always makes their titles to emphasize the meaning of the comics (“sarcasm” is there in the site’s header).

@mikekaganski i dont want to »discuss« the phrase! But cannot find the phrase in the original ?

You might try hovering your mouse over the image to view the title text.

It is probably worth noting that the comic was published over ten years ago and that there just may be more recent amendments.

Ok found it!
(never realized that extra-portion of Ironie in the comics)