Is there a way to let others open a locked file in read-only mode?

Hi, I’ve recently switch from MS Office to LibreOffice, In MS Office, when you open a file for editing and it gets locked, other users can still open the same file in read-only mode. In LibreOffice, no other users can open that file. Is there a way to allow other users to open a locked file in read-only mode?

For example if I have a client list open in excel, and I open it to edit it, and my coworker needs to open the same file to read a client’s contact information, they would normally be able to open it in read-only mode. When I open that file in calc instead of excel, they cannot open the file in read-only.

What you describe sounds impossible to me. Opening a file with LO allows others to open it read-only just fine. On open, LO will emit a warning if one wants to open it read-only, and also who has already open it.

What error do users see in your case when they are unable to open it read-only? What is the OS What is LO version?

What is the OS What is LO version?

If a file is already open, and another user (or you) try to open it, you can open it but LO will open in in Read Only mode. IF you want to edit it, LO creates a copy of it forcing you to save it with a different name.

This is to protect everyone. If two people are editing the same file at the same time, which edits should be kept? LO cannot possibly know so LO prevents it happening.