Is there a way to make a formula for information from 3 different cells to show in one cell?

I’m making up a spreadsheet to help my credit control team who are not very computer literate so I’m trying to make it as quick and simple as possible for them to complete with as few cells needed to actually be filled in. So I’m wondering can I get information from 3 different cells all showing in one cell. It would be words from one cell, a date from another and then another word from the third eg

C1 - Warrington Branch
C2 - 05/06/17
C4 - Warrington Branch 05/06/17 CASH

I’d like a way to make cell C4 fill itself in once C1-C3 are completed.

Thanks in advance

=C1&TEXT(C2," DD/MM/YY ")&C3

Note that I have included the required spaces (to separate values) into the Format argument of TEXT function.

Brilliant - thanks for your help