Is there a way to make bold the last few digits of a decimal number on calc

I like to bold the last few digits on decimal numbers. I don’t think there’s a way though.

If your number actually is entered as a constant and treated as a text, you can do it by the well know means for direct formatting of text portions. (You can also write user code to do it for you if you thoroughly study related documents.)
A number treadted as a text, however, cannot be used as an operand or an argument in ordinary calculations.

Why should you want to do so, and why should software designed for calculations support such …?

If only a few numbers are involved, this can be done manually. Simply mark the relevant numbers in the editing line and select bold.

But if it is automated for a large number of digits, I wouldn’t know how to do it.
There is no conditional formatting or a number format working. They actually always refer to the whole cell.

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CAVEAT! Doing this will convert a numeric cell content to text content and therefore calculations with that cell will fail.

VALUE(A1) would prepare such a “number” from A1 for calculations. Unfortunately?

If the number contains separator and decimals then rather NUMBERVALUE(A1;".") (if the decimal separator is . dot), otherwise with VALUE() it would work only in locales where the locale’s decimal separator matches the decimal separator used in the number text.