Is there a way to make the sheet tabs in calc smaller?

I’ve just installed (the version currently on the main download page) to discover that the sheet tabs now take up approximately double the screen estate they used to. While this is probably a nice thing for those with poor eyesight, where is the option for the rest of us to turn this off?
For my needs, the 1-2 rows fewer of data and now-required horizontal scrolling of the tab bar (my most used spreadsheet has 19 tabs) mean the 6.3 GUI is a significant downgrade on 6.2.

edit: This is on Xubuntu Linux, none of my system settings have changed since upgrading.

I’m not talking about the length of the tab names, default or otherwise so these answers don’t help. I’m talking about the font size used for the label and especially the amount of padding around the label. Both of which mean that a tab of the same name takes up much more space in 6.3 than in 6.2 (my tab names are usually as short as I can meaningfully make them anyway, e.g. “Data”, “Locatns”, “Qtype”, “UKwa”, etc.).

As I say this is probably good for visually impaired people, but it should be customisable for those of us who are fortunate enough to have eyesight that doesn’t require large text and prefer to see data than unnecessary padding (seriously, it’s about 2em!).

As far as I know, you can not change the width of the tabs.
This is only partially true since the width of the tabs depends on the length of the label.

If you want to use short labels permanently, you can enter a short table name in the menu Tools>Options> LibreOfficeCalc>Preferences under the name of new tabs ", eg. “T”.

Current tabs can be changed by right-clicking on the tab and choosing Rename table....

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With me Windows 10 Home; Version 1903; 64-Bit | LibreOffice, Version: (x64).

Try looking under Tools > Options > Libre Office Calc > Defaults

Here, you can set the number of sheets (n) and the default sheet name (usually “Sheet”) Delete the word “Sheet” and all your sheets on a new document will simply be numbers 1 to n and the tabs will be correspondingly small. The tabs will of course get bigger if you rename them to something more useful.

Just spotted you use Linux. I usually use Win10, but I’ve just fired up my old PC using Linux Mint 19, and the paths are the same.