Is there a way to make the sidebar always start on the left?

Just got going with LibreOffice. I like having the sidebar on the left in Writer. Just wondering if there’s a way to keep it there permanently so that every time I open a document I don’t have to manually drag it to the left?

With the sidebar on the left use the drop down menu and select File/Templates/Save as Template
Fille in the template name use Untitled 1 and then select a category make sure set as default box is selected. Then click save

Thanks for the suggestion, but that doesn’t work, the sidebar still always comes up on the right.

Also, even if that worked it would only work for new documents, right? Whereas I want it to happen for every existing document I open.

(I’m on WIndows 10, latest LO (x64).

The following seems to work. In the sidebar select ‘Sidebar Settings’ and choose ‘Undock’. Then drag the sidebar to the side where you want it so that it docks there. It then appears on that side when you open a new document. Dragging it from docked on one side to docked on the other does not change the default position.


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