Is there a way to naviaged to the next tracked change OR comment in the document?

I am working on a Mac, and am exploring using LibreOffice as an alternative to the latest version of Word, which I dislike for its ribbon interface.

If I am working on a long document that has tracked changes and comments scattered throughout, is there a way to navigate to the next change OR comment in the document? The Next and Previous buttons seem to only navigate to track changes, in which case I might not see the comments.

Word does have this function, although it’s a bit hidden and you have to add it to a custom toolbar. But as an editor, I use it all the time. Thanks!

Display the Navigator side pane either view View>Navigator or F5.

There is Comments category. Click on the right pointing triangle to expand the list of comments. They are listed in order of occurrence in the document.

Double-clicking on any scrolls you to the comment anchor point.

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