Is there a way to only install the command-line functionalities of soffice without the whole LibreOffice package?

LibreOffice installation comes with the soffice command, which can be used to run the GUI from the command line. However, the soffice command can also be used to perform batch operations from the command line itself, such as converting between file formats.

I am interested in the command line functionalities and would like to know if it is possible to have a lightweight installation of just the CLI functionalities and commands, without the GUI part that goes on top. I am especially interested in an RPM package, if possible.

Of course, I am working on automation.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: There is no such thing as “just CLI functionalities”.

I understand. I wanted to install the components that are not clients to the XSERVER.
Suppose I have a compromised system without a Desktop Environment support, I probably won’t have the required dependencies to install a GUI package like LO. So I was wondering if I could have the document processing components installed and then use the soffice --convert-to command to convert HTML files into .XSLX files on a server machine so I can send them across the FTP.

You can specify the --headless parameter when invoking soffice so no GUI environment is required. However, the installation packages remain the same.