Is there a way to open my old Appleworks data files on a new Mac 10.10?

Appleworks data file moved to new MacMini turns up as keynote file. Pages won’t open. It is an index for early and current sermon files some from the 1970’s

if this file was a AppleWorks’ database, none version of iWorks will accept to open it:-~ But normally, LibreOffice will try to open it in spreadsheet: one record by row and one field by column, it is far from perfect but it tries to retrieve the main data.


Thanks Alonso. Prior similar question here.

PLEASE, PLEASE…just provide me with a simple, straightforward step by step process whereby I can open an Appleworks 6 Word Processor document. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME A PAGE OF USELESS TALK. I JUST GAVE YOU $5 BY PAY PAL…please, please…