Is there a way to pack LibreOffice Impress document in single executable file?

I have created Impress document and save it on USB drive. On the same drive I have copied LibreOffice Portable and instructed non-geek friend to first run LibreOffice and then File | Open and search for the file. But at presentation someone else has already clicked on document and Microsoft PowerPoint has fired out and open the document. The document was little bit corrupted in Microsoft PowerPoint, looked ugly. My friend just didn’t know what to do… Now he has to present the same presentation in another audience and would like to make it look more beautiful. Presentation will be run on Windows.

Is there a way I can pack LibreOffice Impress into single executable file or similar? The idea is that original Impress file must be somehow hidden (or packed inside another file), to prevent double click on file. So end friend should double click on one file and presentation should fired in LibreOffice Impress.


Have you considered saving the file with a password?

Is this going to solve the problem? When end-user will double click on file, then it is probably too late Microsoft PowerPoint will open up and require a password. Non technical user will just type in a password, not knowing that that it is too late to open a file with LibreOffice Impress.