Is there a way to protect or conditionally maintain the format of cells?

I share a spreadsheet with coworkers, who are borderline tech phobic, at least when it comes to a pc. They often cut and paste data to move it around instead of copying, pasting, and deleting the data from the old location. There is virtually no possibility that they will change the way they interact with the spreadsheet. Is there some method of maintaining the spreadsheet formatting when they cut and paste?

I’ve been trying to explore the options, but there appears to be no way to protect just the format of cells, especially considering there’s other cells that I want fully protected. I was wondering if I could set up a conditional of some sort that would immediately reapply the format to cells within a defined range. The only properties that need preserving are text format (esp. font size), and cell borders, and perhaps cell height, but that generally auto adjusts to fit the font size.