Is there a way to remove new LO 7.2 read only popup notification?


Installed new LO 7.2 yesterday and surprise surprise, there is new redundant notification.
When I open Thunderbird attachments in LO, which are all read only, now I get new “Open read only, notify or cancel” popup which appears before opening document.

Before, opened document had only additional top infobar which said document is in read only mode with button to enable editing.

Now questions:
How do I kill that popup and return LO to LO 7.1 behavior?
Is there a way to remove all read only notifications and open file normally (in edit mode)?

Thank you.


This is a regression from the new feature in 7.2 that allows to notify users when a locked file gets released by the other locking party - but indeed, it’s not needed when a file in temporary directory is opened - so you might want to file a bug report.

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Why do you want a file being opened in edit mode, if a file resides in a temporary file location of another application? That’s prone to data loss, if the holding application (in your case Thunderbird) decides to clean up its temporary storage and deletes the file you are editing.

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The files from temporary directory should (and AFAIK do) open in read-only mode; what has changed is the new dialog that suggest to get notified when it “becomes available”. So OP should expect that to stay that way - opening those in read-only mode.

If you need to modify it, save the attachment from your email in whatever place you normally keep your documents, then open it with the appropriate application. This is relevant for any attachment to an email.

@ mikekaganski
Ok, thank you. I’ll try to file a bug report, but not getting my hopes up. Seams like intentional regression here.

Rest of replies (for now) in this thread aren’t relevant and are missing a point. I asked how to remove new non-relevant popup introduced with LO 7.2. Second question about opening read-only files directly in edit mode, is a “bonus” question. Why I want that is irrelevant. Was interested if it can be done, maybe via hidden settings since I already found you could remove read-only info bar there, but couldn’t find anything more.

Anyway, thank you all for taking the time to reply.

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No it isn’t intentional. I myself helped that change by reviewing and approving it. It was never intended to handle this case.


OP’s question uses the term “all” and that includes the case my comment is targeted to.

Definitely, and my reply was intended to confirm that idea to OP :wink: even though it was irrelevant :grin:

Maybe open such documents as new (but with the “correct” title)?

But what if I do not need to save to another location and I open documents for reading only? What if I open 100 documents a day? Do I need to press an extra button 100 times every time to read the document? That’s bullshit.

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I agree since I open around 30-50 of those daily. Solution for now was to downgrade to last LO version that didn’t have this problem and since this is one of those problems that annoy me a lot, I doubt I’ll upgrade until it’s fixed.

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I confirm it is not necessary and very painful. I hope this pop up will be removed soon.

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I open a bug report :