Is there a way to signal unsaved files?

I remember using other office suites, of which I work mostly with the word processor and presentation apps, and they have some way to signal that an open file is not saved. For instance, one of them put an asterisk (*) right after the file’s name on the top bar.

The best solution I found used for that purpose is that of EditPad, whose Lite free version I’ve been using for years. To signal that the file the user is editing is not saved, it turns the file name background to red:

image description

Is there a way to signal unsaved files in LibreOffice? TIA.

If you look closely on the file save button, you will see that becomes a bit different for files with unsaved changes (may not be available in all themes).

@gabix, Your comment is an answer.

I just tested with Icon styles Breeze (red dot), Colibre (red dot), Elementary (red down arrow), Karasa Jaga (yellow dot), Sifr (blue dot), and Sukapura (red dot), and all have a different look when the file has been modified.

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There are two indicators signaling unsaved files.

  • Watch the red dot on the save icon
  • Watch the red diskette symbol in the status bar

image description

Yeah, you’re right! I haven’t noted both, maybe because my eyesight isn’t that good anymore (I’ll be 62 next July 24th)… Thanks for the great answer!

You can see in the Status Bar a 3½ disquette icon¹ that turn red when the “document has been modified”.

image description

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

¹ EDIT: I just tested with differente Icon styles: Breeze, Colibre, Karasa Jaga and Sukapura (red disquette), Elementary (red down arrow on a page), Sifr (black disquette). To see the change between Icon styles, you need to close and reopen the document.

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