is there a way to store a formula and "paste" it on command?

I have a formula that I use on certain cells in the M column. My method is first I copy a cell that contains the formula, then I do a special paste of ‘formula only’ into the new cell, now the cell has the formula which is what is desired, works fine but… This process can be time consuming as I have to find a cell in the column and paste formula only into the cell I decide on.

Is it possible to have a more efficient method to apply the formula onto a cell? I tired to keep the text of the formula on a separate sheet but pasting just the text does not keep the row numbers in sequence as with the $ sign…

Thank you.

here’s a copy of the formula I’d like to readily apply to cells for context


Hello - I cannot imagine how this should work as long as you have relative addressing like A4 in your formula. The nature of relative addressing is … that it is relative and therefore there needs to be some information from which (source) cell it is being copied into which new (target) cell it is being pasted to assure a proper adaption of the relative reference.