Is there a way to turn of auto-right-brackets

Hello there
I keep track of my school math exercises with LO, thus I use maths (or at least the insert Formula function) quite a lot. A thing that always annoys me, is that when typing a left bracket, it automatically does a right bracket as well. I don’t realize this and continue writing, and finally got two right brackets. Correcting this and then have to look for the “End” Button or switching over to the arrow keys is actually quite time consuming.
So, does anyone know of a way to disable this? Or, if some of the developers are reading in here, I got a suggestion to improve this: In the also Open Source Software “GeoGebra”, it’s default that it just overwrites right brackets, if necessary and does fine with it.

Thanks in advance,

I would love to see a follow up to Floowey’s question. These automatic brackets and parentheses are driving me bonkers.

Same need here, it is really annoying to have to take these automatic characters into account, using arrow keys and what not. I can’t find any documentation about it nor have I found a setting that allows to disable the auto-complete in LibreOffice Math, it would be much appreciated if the developers could take a look at it !