Is there a way to use authentication via an internal user/role table to only give access to forms and not Tables?

I am new to Base - and I want to get away from Access

One of the things that Access DID provide was controlled access to the forms and reports based on an internal User/role system. IE - I am the developer and want to get a forms/reports system going for a central database that is not Web-enabled (we will all be accessing the database from a single shared drive.

Inside the Database - I have a users and a user_roles table defined. When I open the database - I see everything - but I want there to be a way for the others in the office to open it and it go straight to a form and stay in forms/reports (which I will control opening in my menus etc)

Can this be done?

No that I know of, within the ODB file. As forms are either Calc or Writer documents, you can save them outside the ODB file, put them in your file store and then attribute the corresponding privileges to those form files.

However, there is a view table option in the form naviagation toolbar, and I don’t know whether you can turn that off.