Is there a web server version of Libre Office for linux we can integrate into our own software?

I hope this is the right forum to ask this question. If it is not please accept my apologies and if you could refer me to the appropriate place/person that would be much appreciated.

We are a small software company based in Perth, Scotland. We provide web based case/information management software (called Instant Office) to small businesses.

I am hoping to find out if it is possible to run Libre Office on our own privately hosted linux server and integrate it closely with Instant Office. If it is possible we would switch to offering our users Libre Office as an alternative to the desktop version of MS Office.

The key points for us are

(a) would the documents reside on our server? Would we be able to control how they are retrieved by Libre Office, edited and saved back to our server?

Our user base is mainly Scottish lawyers and they want to be assured that their clients’ data and documents are stored on a UK based server and are not under the control of a US company which is subject to the Patriot Act. Both Google docs and Office 365 currently require that all documents are stored on their servers. This would probably put our users in breach of the UK Data Protection regulations so neither 365 or Google are an option for them.

(b) Is there a linux server version of Libre Office we can integrate within our Instant Office software so that our users could use Libre Office without needing to install anything on their local PC/device?

Whilst the text editor we have integrated for the iPad/mobile version lacks the depth and breadth of features in Libre Office or Word it does provide a basic word processor. A huge plus is that it works across all platforms (PCs, IPads, phones etc) without having to be installed on the local device. Probably more importantly, from a user’s perspective, is the ease with which they can now create and update the content of documents and emails by exploiting the closer integration between the databases, documents and text editor.

Whilst we are excited about the possibilities this integrated web based word processor has opened up, the text editor is limited and our preferred solution would be to replace it with a linux server based version of Libre Office.

Any information you can provide on whether what we are looking for exists and where we would find out more about it would be greatly appreciated

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Maybe this,

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