Is there a wiki-style "Playground" on this site?

I don’t know how it is here, but in StackOverflow, you can put in a comment tag to hint at what language should be used by prettify: <!-- language: lang-c++ -->

Testing out how long it takes to post a new answer!

Let’s put at least a little content in here…

Comment #1. AAAAnd test!

Another one!

blah (2x Shift+Enter)

  1. blah

  2. blah




Hey @manj_k, I’m now hanging out in #libreoffice-ask on freenode. It’s not an official channel, but it’ll work if anyone wants to chat :slight_smile:

testing this one out – cool, that worked.

Like lightning he darted off to the left right and disappeared between the two warehouses almost falling over the trash can lying in the middle of the sidewalk.

He tried to nervously tap his way along in the inky darkness and suddenly stiffened: it was a dead-end, he would have to go back the way he had come.

test upload.odt

Hey @manj_k, Is there a way to see change-tracking on comments? I poked around, but I didn’t seem to find a link for such a thing…

@manj_k – Oh, and congrats on 4000+ karma :slight_smile:

Testing linking behavior here:



What other types of linking would be helpful? Possible sites include

  • LO wiki
  • (A)OO bug tracker

It would also be very helpful to be able to have shortcuts for default responses, such as:

  • [fileabug] → Please file a bug
  • [download] → Please download the latest build of LibreOffice
  • [needinfo] → We need more information about your particular question before we can answer you.

The shortcut links would be quite helpful. Hopefully [fileabug] would include the text “file a bug” rather than just “a bug” in the link :slight_smile:

Test: fdo#1234

Test: Bug 1234


Test: Bug 1234

New test: URLs that don’t want to link!

Ordinary urls like to be linked:

Some URLs don’t like to be linked:

Fixes? Workarounds? Hooray!

  • Let’s try to use the [ ] ( ) syntax!!topic/docs/S6IkdnuH91E
  • Google Product Forums

  • For the paren on the end, use a backslash “” to quote just that single character, like this:

     [cheese webcam software](\))
  • [cheese webcam software](

  • If the paren is not on the end, can we just slap parens around the whole shebang?

     [cheese webcam software - References section](
  • cheese webcam software - References section

Hmm… looks like a no. Let’s try escaping that inner r-paren:

    [cheese webcam software - References section](\)#References)

I’m just testing the moderation queue for @qubit1 :wink: