Is there a work around for formatting of word doc being off in writer??

We have word doc on our web site that get down loaded so they can be edited. they open in word fine, when opened with writer the formatting is all off. Certain fields will be over laid over others, does anyone one know how this can be resolved ???

I don’t fully understand your use of fields, as you don’t explain the function(s) of those fields.
You could try to make a formatting style to use on fields, which give you the option to add white space around the fields.
If this works both Word and Writer would show the fields according to this format.

Always try to keep formatting as simple as possible when files need to be interchangeable.

You could research if an online form would be a better solution for your goal, as online forms are usable on many different systems, OS’s and browsers. Also you’ll get the replies into a database - e.g. for statistics - without any extra work.

Sorry, in the document that opens in word there seems to be some tables that have been created that ask different question and have a space for a response. When opening in writer the lower table seems to be laid over the top table. Now in writer I can place my cursor at the top of the lower table and hit enter a few times and it will then move that table down into the correct position. I am trying to find out if there is a fix for this type of conversion issue.

Hi ScottT, so in the original, tables are used as a lay-out enhancer which I am not fond of as an old typographer. You can try to edit the style of table formatting in Libre, chance is with a smaller type size and smaller leading your tables will fit just on to the page.
You also could have a look at the page margines and use a slightly smaller top and bottom margin giving you a bit of slack here too.
It has something to do with the difference between anchoring tables in Word and in Libre.