Is there an Accessible Alternative to LibreOffice Draw for Disabled Users?

I am struggling with rsi, coordination issues, sensory issues, and chronic migraines, and can’t escape sensory beatings. And I just got chewed out for reporting bugs. Apparently it’s no good to report bugs unless I can make special sample files and program my own fixes.

I am struggling with rsi… so programming’s not an option.

I am struggling with rsi… so redrawing everything from scratch isn’t an option either.

It would have to be easy to use with one clumsy hand, and allow precise alignments, multi-page documents, etc. I tried “Graphic,” but I wan’t able to make multi-page documents. I looked at “Inkscape,” but can’t run it and can’t make sense of the documentation.

(I could also use an accessible web browser. I have been using “Firefox” there, but can’t stop the built-in flashing in it. I tried some others, and got instant migraines from built-in zooming.)

P.S. Again, my good arm is in agony, and I’ve just started the day’s work.