Is there an Accessible Alternative to LibreOffice Writer for the Mac?

I use LibreOffice because I don’t want my work locked up in unreadable formats. Apple no longer supports Appleworks, of course, and no longer supports older documents in Pages.

I have severe rsi, and sensory and coordination issues.

I can’t disable the flashing cursors in LibreOffice. Flashing anything makes it hard for me to see, can hurt, and can be disorienting, so it makes it hard to check where I’ve been typing. LibreOffice defers to a system setting, and OS X uses different settings; I can disable some flashing cursors in OS X but not LibreOffice’s flashing cursors.

I would like to be able to use Dragon for Mac, if and when the construction pain dies down, to be able to disable all autoformatting, and to be able to open my .odt files and save back to .odt or another open not-scheduled-for-obscelence format. Ideally also .epub or .html.

I have tried Textedit, which doesn’t save properly, Bean, which doesn’t do tables or save properly, OpenOffice, which has the same flashing bg, and the demo of NeoOffice Writer, which also has the same painful blinding flashing bug. Are there any accessible alternatives for os x?

I’m using LibreOffice on Windows 8.1 and if I change the settings in control panel, keyboard to disable the blinking cursor then in LibreOffice the blinking is also disabled. This seems to confirm as you posted that LibreOffice is using system level settings.

I tried to find some info for OS X, but I have no way to verify if this works.