Is there an analogue of the SendKeys method for Linux?

I couldn’t find anything else:

I need to call up a nested menu item by pressing the keys sequentially.

Do you mean using e.g. ALT+F to open the file menu? If so, press the ALT key and after a short delay the relevant character in the menu titles will show an underscore indicating which character to use with ALT.

Yes, but it’s long and requires attention. I want to hang it on a macro.

Linux: e.g. F10 o w h → opens “Row Height” dialog (F10 - File; o - Format; w - Rows; h - Height…)

Alt+o+w+h should do what you want (in the given example).

  1. The keys to be used will depend on the UI setting.
  2. I can’t give an example from memory, but I faintly remember cases where the key sequence wasn’t unambigous, i.e. on a certain level more than one (sub)menu item existed having the same triggering key underscored. (Assumed locaization error.)
  3. I don’t know the way, but would assume it’s complicated to “hang it on a macro” (iif I understand these words correctly). And again: The usage via macros would need a localization layer - or to accept the restriction to a specific UI language.

Hello colleagues!
In this case, you can simply call the “.uno: RowHeight” command with a macro (note also the optional parameters RowHeight and Row) .
In general, LO menus can be fully manipulated through the AccessibleContext interfaces, but this is a long and extremely cumbersome path.