Is there an antilogarithm scale selection for Calc axes.

I have an XY scatter chart showing temperatures against date. Logarithmic scale works but it compresses the wrong end of the time scale. Antilogarithm would allow old time data to be compressed but keep the latest data stretched out and more readable.
I’ve previously used Calc to generate an antilogarithm table covering 13 billion years (or thereabouts) which was then painted onto a 24ft long display. Historical images were then attached re big-bang, suns, planets, life, dinosaurs, mankind, pyramids etc, all the way to 1888. i.e. it is another useful means of compressing components. See the bottom scale at HO Model Railroad/Dial D-for-Diesel at
There is a typical temperature graph under the heading Bees & Bats.

Instead of plotting temperature against time, have you tried to calculate the antilog of your time values (a 3rd column in the spreadsheet) and then plot temperature against that?
However, I don’t see an antilog function in the list of available functions so you might have to estimate it by calculating part of the infinite series, the hard way. Is there an easier solution? (It has been a long time since I thought about logarithms at this level.)