Is there an automatic writing shortcut for subscripted numbers?

In Writer and Calc, it is possible to use a shortcut to directly create a superscripted number by using the ^ symbol directly followed by a number.

I was wondering if there is an equivalent for subscripted numbers?

I am aware of the style keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+shift+B for subscripts) but I am looking into something more practical to use while writing. This would also be very useful to add extra entries in the Autocorrect list, especially for chemical formulas (it is possible to input a superscripted number thanks to the ^ shortcut, but not with copy+paste).

In the case this does not exist, the extra question is: how is the superscript ^ shortcut handled by LibreOffice? Or is it completely a system-level thing? (I just saw that I can use it right here too: ² ³ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶)

I am using LO 4.3.6 on Ubuntu 14.04

Hi - Have you tried foo_2 ?

You also can use a Character style to apply font: Linux Libertine G:sinf=1 and customize the keyboard to assign a shortcut to this style.

Info on Linux Libertine here


I realize that my first proposal lacks precision. The automation is possible by creating for each number 0 to 9 an AutoCorrection: Replace .*_0 with , and so on for 1, 2…

Therefore, you can type Foo_2 and it is automatically replaced with Foo₂

I didn’t realise I could copy paste subscript characters (as opposed to number with a style applied to them) into the autocorrect settings, as I could not find them in the special character table. This works great, but is a bit tedious and awkward as it is limited to how many rules you are happy to create! Cheers.

No automatism I would know of but …

Default shortcut in English locale:

Ctrl+Shift+B → Toggle on/off Su B script. | Ctrl+Shift+P → Toggle on/off Su P erscript.


‘Customise’ > ‘Keyboard’ > choose ‘LibreOffice’ or the current document class (‘Writer’ e.g.) > ‘Functions, Category’ > ‘Format’ > scroll down till ‘Subscript’, ‘Suberscript’ respectively > choose shortcut from ‘Shortcut Keys’ > ‘Modify’ > Ready!

Using the shortcut will:

a) Apply to the current selection. If not unambiguous: “Switch on.”

b) Toggle the current character format at the ViewCursor position for the respective property only. State will persist till next change.