Is there an email handler that works seamlessly with LO?

I use Win10 (my machine is too old to update to Win 11) Microsoft is trying to forcem me to change the old email handler to Outlook. Rather than doing that, I would like to change to an email handler that works well with LO, especially on handling contact lists. Any suggestions?

LibreOffice does not offer an e-mail app.
However, Thunderbird is generally regarded as adequate.

However, you will have to try it out for yourself to see if it is sufficient for your purposes.

IMHO there is no seamless option. I’m using Thunderbird, but any installed mail-program for windows should work as well as target for mailto-links. I use some macros to send configured mails with attachments.
The topic contact lists is not precise enough. LibreOffice has mail-merge also to send mails, but questions here indicate it sometimes difficult to set this up. (I don’t use this, but the feature does not seem to need an installed mailer).
Until Thunderbird changed their address-book it was possible to use this directly in LibreOffice as datasource. But since TB changed to Sqlite setup is a bit more difficult, especially as the key-value table in TB needs to be converted in something more accessible.
One of the easier methods is using the same csv-files for LO-Base and the Mail-Merge-Plugin in Thunderbird.