Is there an equivalent to en_DK or root.UTF-8 locale for LibreOffice?

Getting ISO 8061 compliant date and time display is a bit of a hassle system wide. Odd, since it is both an international standard and a format that works well with file system display and sorting. If only everyone used it… oh well, they don’t and everyone has a preference, all different.

I know I can on a per-document basis set my display and formatting to 8061 compliant YYYY-MM-DD and HH:MM:SS (but, in fairness, YYYY-MM-DD"T"HH:MM:SS full compliance isn’t super user friendly and a space is much nicer per RFC3339.

I know I can independently set the UI language from the Locale and appreciate the flexibility of default currency, decimal separator, and date acceptance pattern, but I’d really like to be, by default in all my documents, internationalist and display time/date compliant with RFC3339 (pretty much ISO 8061). I don’t see either an “English (Denmark)” nor a “root” Locale.

Is there such a thing already that I’m missing? (The questions I’ve found so far seem to indicate that one can set this per document, which is true, but not a complete solution to my preference)?

If not, is it reasonable to make a custom Locale file by modifying some English speaking/metric using format and setting the defaults to YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS?


The en-CA English (Canada) locale is pretty much what you’re after.

Oh those Canadians! You’re right, thanks!

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