Is there an extension to create an Auto-ID?

I need help with a standard .csv export from Wix. The main categories looks something like this:

HandleID            FieldType     Name     Description
ShirtXLBlue352      Product	      Shirt	   For torso
ShoesSGrey152       Product	      Shoes	   For feet
HatLBrown133        Product	      Hat	   For head

The handleID is the problem area. I need the product number to correspond to a specific item, and if possible, I would like to automate this. Ideally I want it to follow the naming convention that I use based on the artist and title of the manga/doujin that I am trying to sell. If that’s not possible then random gibberish is enough for my purposes…I just want to save some time by having a program do it, especially when fooling with large bulk edits.