Is there an issue Libre 2.7 and Java 8

When I bring up Libre 2.7 a small window pops up informing me that Java is needed. I click on ‘okay’ and Libre finishes loading. This is happening even though I have the most recent Java installed. Is there a way to stop the small window from popping up.

There was never a “Libre 2.7” (the very first LO version was 3.3.0) - which version do you mean?

Sorry. That should be Libre 6.2.7

Please don’t use “answer” when you are not providing an answer/solution to your question. Use comments, as I did when asked for clarification.

Please remove your answer, and edit your question to clarify instead. Thanks.

See this FAQ.

Thank you, Mike! Turned out I needed both, 64 and 32.