Is there an option to "Select All" image objects on Draw?

I have an odg file with lots of text and images. I want to be able to adjust the location and transparency of all the images at once, without moving their relative locations. Some of the images are small and hard to select.

How can I select all images from the document at once, and then edit them? Is there a way to edit all images the same way?

A ‘Draw’ document mostly contains more the one slide (page). Yo can’t select across pages.
Reducing the question to one page:
There isn’t text and images, but shapes of a few (22) different subtypes.
All the shapes I know from actual usage, including those created by importing an image, accept (primitive) text. A bit more specifically prepared for text to be filled in are TextBox shapes.
Thus I understand your question as: “How can I select all shapes on a page, but exclude theTextBox shapes?” Is this what you meant?
If your text boxes are rather few and not too small, you can select all shapes (Ctrl+A) and then de- select from the complete selection the single text boxes one by one.
A ready-made tool for this doesn’t exist as far as I know, but user code can easily do it.

de- select from the complete selection the single text boxes one by one.

Hold Shift, and click in the empty area (not over the text) of each text box.

If you consider to use a "macro, you find usable code below.
Group shapes are not resolved. This wouldn’t make sense regarding your question.

Sub selectAllShapesExceptTextBoxes()
doc   = ThisComponent
If NOT doc.supportsService("") Then Exit Sub
cCtrl = doc.CurrentController
page  = cCtrl.CurrentPage
shCollection = createUnoService("")
uPage = page.Count -1
For j = 0 To uPage
  j_shape = page(j)
  If NOT j_shape.supportsService("") Then
  End If
Next j
End Sub