Is there another way to remove strike through?

ive got a client who claims that libreoffice writer added strikethroughs to a document he’s been working on and nothing happens when he clicks undo. i’ve already highlighted the part with the strikethrough and gone to Paragraph Style where Strikethrough is already set to “Without”. We cant get the strikethrough to go away


there is no other way to remove strike through, but there is another reason than formatting for text having strikethrough attribute. And the reason is Track Changes functionality of LibreOffice, hence ask your client, whether he/she inadvertently activated Track Changes mode by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C (Pressing once more would deactivate that, and Edit -> Track Changes -> Accept All would accept all recent changes and finally remove all tracks of recent changes)

Thank you so much! That worked perfectly. I ended up rejecting all, and everything was back to normal

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