Is there any option to flip horizontally a sheet in calc...?

hello there
Does anybody think that there is an option to flip a shee in Calc???
not to change the layout from vertical to horizontal, but to flip the whole sheet. So the serial numbers will be on the right of the page and the latter A will be on the up-right corner of the sheet.
thanks in advanced

I got an example of a Calc document in that “flipped layout” from an Egypt questioner in another forum some time ago. You know, Arabic language is written from right to left - and an Arabic Calc will be adapted. I tried but did not succeed creating such a document myself. Look for “complex text layout” and related.

Create your Calc document.

‘Tools’ > ‘Options’ (‘Preferences’) > ‘Language Settings’ > ‘Languages’ > ‘Default languages for documents’ > check ‘Complex text layout (CTL)’ , ‘Hindi’ e.g. > If wanted check ‘For the current document only’

The context menus of the sheet tabs will now provide an option ‘Sheet Right-To-Left’. You can check this option independently for the sheets in the document. Choosing a sheet of the “other” right/left order will flip the view horizontally as the question put it. To flip a sheet use its context menu.