Is there any reason to enable Skia? It's Lagging my LO

I have been using libreoffice for a while, and while it have it’s quirks, it’s still free and usable.
But recently, I have been getting lag issues when images are used especially like in Impress.

So trying to remove anti-aliasing doesn’t help so I tried disabling Skia seemingly as it’s part of the graphic settings so it might help.

But that’s what brought back all my performance. Changing slides to slides no longer lags.
So I am just curious if there’s any reason that requires Skia.

The question is unclear. Are you curious if there’s a reason for LibreOffice to have it? or are you curious if you need it for something?

For LibreOffice it’s essential to unify on a single common graphic library on all platforms - to ensure consistency everywhere, and offload the drawing to the maintainers of the library. It also improves performance generally (although of course, there are bugs related to the transition period, including performance problems, and it’s good that these are now discovered and reported, so that they may be fixed).

For you, it’s absolutely not required to use Skia for anything if that causes troubles for you. Disabling it does not disable any functionality.

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Thanks. My question was the latter.