Is there any way to alphabetize a list in LO

I am a writer and frequently need to have a list alphabetized. In past versions, I have been able to do this, but now, when I try to update or create a new list I can find no way to do that. W\ill this function be re-integrated any time soon?

Assuming your ‘list’ items are in separate paragraphs, select the items to sort, use Tools | Sort and select the appropriate options.

See also Help - F1 - search sorting;paragraphs/table rows

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Yeah, I have had others tell me that, unfortunately, the sort function does not work in my version. I have tried making it a table with no success.

Having the feature disabled must mean that there’s something in the selection that can’t be sorted. E.g., if you have several sections, sorting across the sections wouldn’t work. Possibly a sample document could help.

I tested before posting, using version How does it ‘not work’? As Mike says, perhaps a sample document.