Is there any way to change associated filetype icons?

Since you can’t manually change filetype icons anymore in Windows 10, is there any way you can do this from within the program? It seems you can customize basically any icon in the program, but I’ve not managed to find any place you can customize the associated filetype icons.

Same goes for the icon the program itself uses (the one you see in your task bar). I’ve edited the icons of the main .exe files with the utility “resource hacker”, but the programs still display the same icon despite that. What file do the programs take their icon from?

I’m mainly interested in Writer and Calc, but I suspect the answer to these questions are the same for all parts of the suite.

I’m using the latest version of Windows 10 PRO and the latest version of Libre Office.

“What file do the programs take their icon from?”

In Windows, it is normally from the .exe file that launches the program. The icon is a resource contained within that file & devoted to that purpose by the program author. There are often a large number to choose from.

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I do not know of any way for you to adjust the program icons under Windows 10. AFAIK doing so is a system-specific item.

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